CRM Services

Our exposure to early day CRM solutions has allowed us to appreciate the business benefits gained when empowering an organization with the right tools to manage customer relationships. B2B and B2C organization's growth constantly demand tools necessary to manage contacts, sales, marketing, workflow, and metrics on a daily basis. The right CRM solution can provide these tools and much more.

Binary Technologies, Inc began CRM implementation and customization in the 1980's using the first CRM solution on the market named Telemagic. Telemagic revolutionized the way in which companies managed their customer relations while providing analytical insight into prospecting, conversion and sales.

We clearly recall transitioning sales force from a physical “Black Book” account manager, to an electronic version using the Telemagic application. As new CRM solutions entered the market, we expanded our CRM experience with SalesLogix, Onyx and Pivotal. Each product had distinct benefits from a customization and integration perspective but the core functionality remained the same – Contact, Sales, marketing, workflow, and metrics.

Today CRM solutions continue to grow and offer a wide range of functionality and extensions. More importantly, these solutions are now cloud based and designed on an open architecture that exposes functions outside of the UI. Businesses and solution providers can now extend the product’s functionality for the purpose of integrating with other applications, extending functionality or enhancing UI. The SaaS CRM model provides the inherent benefits of subscription-based software without the hassle of the premised based alternative.

Recognizing the benefits CRM solutions bring to a business, we continue to provide CRM related services to help our clients leverage the tools these solutions offer.

CRM Services We Offer:


* Microsoft Dynamics CRM

* SugarCRM

* Zoho CRM


Solution Customization

* User Interface 

* Entity Relationship

* Workflow

* Integration (VoIP, shopping Cart, ERP, eMail, Sharepoint, Cloud files, eSignature, etc.)

* Field Validation and Formula

* Data Import/Export batch and service based

* Mobile