Cloud Services

In the past 5 years, Cloud Technology has advanced at a rapid rate. Business and consumer's demand for subscription based technology services along with technological advancements in virtualization, storage, bandwidth and green initiatives, has been the driving factors behind this growth. Cloud services is composed of utility based infrastructure,  storage and/or software services.

Prior to 2008 only a few providers had reliable and “True Cloud” service offerings. Fortunately for your business, the rapid growth of this technology has become a major driver for competitive rates, varied subscription levels and management tools.

There are many providers offering cloud services which can lead us to believe that all cloud service offering is the same but unfortunately it is not. True cloud service providers offer utility based subscriptions with the elasticity required to support your business growth. Many companies today tend to label their service as “Cloud” only to attract consumers even though they do not possess the technology or resources to provide these service.

Binary Technologies, Inc wants to provide the support and guidance to help you make the right decision when transitioning from on–premise to a Cloud based Information Technology model.  We are partnered with pioneers of Cloud Service Technology in order to offer your organization True Cloud services with the support and experience your business demands.

Cloud Solutions We Offer:


* Public Cloud Infrastructure

* Private Cloud Infrastructure

* Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

* Cloud Files Storage

* Cloud Sites

* Managed Hosting

* On-Demand QA testing Environment


* MS Exchange

* Sharepoint


* MS Office


* Custom Applications

* Call Center Suite